1. This is a dream come true.
    I thought that for Jerry to be a part of a story-arc on Curb would be the ultimate.
    But this news has surpassed the ultimate for fans of Seinfeld and the actors who played those roles.

  2. Kennie

    I always wondered if Jerry would ever do more than a brief cameo on Curb and hoped he would be on for an episode or two. This news blew me away! Can’t wait for the next season!

  3. OG

    That’s gonna be fantastic! Too bad here in Europe we’ll have to wait for this come out on DVD probably until 2010 or even worse…

    Oh and thanks for the website, looks nice and so much info.

  4. Bruce Woodfield

    Larry David is the funniest thing to happen to TV in many years. Curb is my therapy; I watch my six seasons over and over. I am thrilled to hear there is going to be a seventh, especially with the old Seinfeld crew.
    Bruce W Clearwater, FL

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