Season 7 Episode 2: Vehicular Fellatio

Larry deliberately tries to annoy Loretta, against the advice of a renowned doctor. Plus, with Larry around is Richard Lewis’ new relationship doomed?

First off, a huge apology from me for the site being down a couple days. I had a huge surge of traffic last week and exceeded my bandwidth. I then had some issues with my hosting provider which have now been solved. However I am looking at a new host and will probably be moving/upgrading sometime next month. This will come at some extra cost but the site has really been gaining in popularity lately and the extra grunt is needed. I’ve been intending to post this interview with J.B. Smoove (Leon) from Vibe. Sorry it’s a little late.

On to this week’s ep, and wasn’t it a classic! This is one episode where the title is perfectly accurate in describing the principle storyline. The way this certain “activity” continued to pop-up throughout the episode was brilliant and more evidence that Larry hasn’t lost any of his ability to almost magically weave plots around certain events or behaviours. The first two episodes have seen the show take a decidedly less restrained approach when it comes to sexual humour when compared to the very early seasons, but so far it has proved very funnyand I wouldn’t say it’s been overdone. Curb has always been a show for adults and Larry keeps the dialogue witty and fresh despite the healthy dose expletives (see my highlights below!). Absolutely cannot wait until next week’s episode, the first to feature the Seinfeld cast. It’s aptly titled, The Reunion.

Highlights (Spoilers):

  • “There might be some people with cancer” (Larry on why Loretta might want to join him at a dinner with no black people).
  • “Any kind of job is dangerous”
  • Leon to Larry, “Ass is ass Larry”. To which Larry replies “Do you have to tap every ass? Do you?”
  • Overcompensating with a super-strong hug.
  • Richard explaining to Larry about “second hand semen”: “You can’t be a homosexual by proxy”.

What did you think?