1. Galaghad

    As you mentioned, Larry seems more aggressive. He really needs Cheryl by his side, at least for a couple of scenes, to make him look more sensitive, and just to have a real friend he can relate to. He seems more secluded, and even picks fights with Jeff, his long best buddy.
    I feel like the show lost it’s sense of balance, and the realism he managed to achieve, is becoming too absurd, and forced. In the singing daughter scene, although he was the only to admit how terrible she was, he could have planed his response more thoughtfully, involving more interaction or subtext. Instead, he immediately lashed out at the little kid, and before you knew it, the scene was over. In the past Cheryl would have straightened him up, and it was such fun see Larry getting banned from sex, or other affectionate activity as punishment. It was more grounded.

  2. overmatik

    Well, the episode had some funny parts, but I’m really worried with the overall feel of the series. Seinfeld’s 8th and 9th’s seasons were funny, but they were too cartoonish. The same with this episode. The situations aren’t developing the way the used to. In the chase scene, wasn’t Leo supossed to be living with Larry? They have completely ignored him. At least Curb is still more fun than anything else on TV.

  3. Kennie

    This was my least favorite episode this season. It had some funny parts, but it was generally a let down. In response to Galaghad’s post, yes Larry is more aggressive, but that’s what happens when you take the balance (Cheryl) out of the equation, and I find it interesting/entertaining to explore this Larry unleashed. 🙂

  4. James

    Overall, I did enjoy this episode, but some of it seemed a bit forced. This is nothing new when it comes to the latter seasons, but I agree that it just didn’t develop or come together as it should. After the first two great episodes, I feel a bit disappointed, but live in hope that things will pick up again as the season progresses. And yes, of course it’s still the funniest thing on television.

  5. Willo

    Some good, some bad. Mostly good though. It did have that LD “cringeable” feel again too it, which is what its all about.

  6. Si

    bit too contrived for my liking…

    the one thing I found to be totally unbelievable was Larry eating a forkful of Mary-Jane’s pudding with HER fork!!! there is no way on earth he’d ever try someone else’s food or use their fork

    but still some good moments – always love the Dr.’s performances

  7. inforthekill


    the one thing I found to be totally unbelievable was Larry eating a forkful of Mary-Jane’s pudding with HER fork!!! there is no way on earth he’d ever try someone else’s food or use their fork

    After being in each other’s tongue? lol I do find it believable. xD

  8. James

    As far as the pie is concerned, I wasn’t convinced by the way it was there on the side, and that she didn’t offer any to Larry when she got her own. Call me anal, but little things like that would make me feel a little bit better… I could stop nitpicking over trivial things and think more about the gags!

  9. chris

    i really didn’t think the show could fall this quickly. not with larry at the helm. out of the 64 episodes that have aired, episodes 1, 3 and 4 of this season are undoubtedly the worst. if you (thinking like a producer) are going to rely on larry instigating arguments as the foundation of the show’s humor, at least make the story lines exciting.

  10. hector copperfield-chomps

    I liked this episode best of the season thus far. It was packed and maybe contrived in parts, but had the tone that made season 3 so great. larry yelling shut the fuck up was one of the funniest moments in the last two seasons. I watched it over and over doubled over. good.

  11. Mark

    I agree with hector insofar as Larry telling Sammy to ‘shut up’ was one of the funniest scenes on the show in awhile. It’s all context. I don’t like a lot of the contrived stuff that has appeared over the past few scenes, but that particular bit was, for some reason, laugh out loud hilarious.

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