Season 7 Episode 4: The Hot Towel

Larry rats out Christian Slater at Ted and Mary’s anniversary party, but later gets his payback at a restaurant rendezvous with an old flame; Larry’s doctor regrets ever giving him his personal number.

I loved it. I think a lot of fans were divided about last week’s reunion episode but one thing it did do was get a lot of Seinfeld fans to finally watch Curb. And this was a perfect follow-up for those new fans to get a real feel for the show. I agree with some that Larry has become a little more aggressive than in the past, but I don’t think that’s made him unlikeable. He’s evolved? Devolved perhaps? Regardless I still find myself agreeing with Larry’s take on almost every social convention. Whilst no one can really condone his behaviour, have we really ever been able to? To me he is the same old Larry, just a little more passionate! And as he gets older doesn’t that make sense?

This episode was classic Larry. He was rude, he was obnoxious, he was insensitive, he was unlucky and his general misbehaviour bit him in the ass. My dad and I watched this together and we had some serious fits of laughter (a welcome change from last week).

Highlights (spoilers)

  • “If they were hairy”.
  • Larry on women, “It’s a lot easier to work with their desperation than mine.”
  • “I’m a lefty unhooker.”
  • The unwritten rule of food “allotments” at a party. I completely agree, you’ve gotta “see what kind of action there is” when it comes to a plate of caviar.
  • The longest wrong number phone call in history.
  • The nerve of Ted and Mary inviting Jeff and Susie to dinner on Larry’s coin. I think Larry was being polite by calling it “odd”! Especially after that “bullshit” gift.
  • And finally the scene that had me in hysterics. Larry to the singing daughter of his close friends that put him up for the night, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” To be fair, she was fucking terrible.

What did you think?