1. Si

    absolutely brilliant episode – one of the best in ages…
    had me flushing with embarrassment

  2. JP

    Man, that episode almost killed me. For real. It took almost 2 hours to see it coz i was constantly pausing and rewinding it.

    If one day you do a TOP 10 episodes poll on Curb, this one will be one of my choices.

  3. Deborah Chiumento

    Just watched for the first time, Palestinian Chicken episode, brilliant! Kudos from an East Coast WASP.

  4. wc muller

    The “car periscope” was something out of a Pink Panther movie. I mean watching Jeff and Larry driving around New York in the “prototype” was absolutely hilarious. Too funny !

  5. Si

    my, you take long holidays, Alex…
    you’ve got a lot of catching up to do – only the season finale to go now

    my overall view is that ep 3 has been the standout of the season

    i have a yearning to re-visit “Mary, Joseph & Larry”

  6. overmatik

    Season 8 was over and there was no Kenny Kramer. I can´t believe Larry let this opportunity pass, there was so much material for jokes. Think about Larry taking the Kramer Reality Tour to help attract people and then he fighting with Kramer on the bus over some detail from the past. It would have been amazing….

  7. Ads

    I absolutely LOVE ‘Larry how can I help David!’ Be it Sienfeld or Curb, I watch it for Larry, for his incredible sense of humour and his super frank self that knows no censoring whatsoever!
    He is so unassumingly natural, its difficult to not fall for him 😉
    Thanks Larry for those hilarious 30 moments every week! Keep at it!

  8. kk

    i am orginallly from india but he is one of the best comedian i ever c all my friends now watch his shows all 10 episodes are good

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