Season 8 Episode 3: Palestinian Chicken

Larry stands up for a cause he believes in.

This season is really going from strength to strength. Without the presence of any real season arc, these episode feel fresh and anarchic in a way that Curb hasn’t been in a while. If you compare some of the plot lines with the early seasons, some of these situations seem so much more absurd. But they are still as hilarious as ever. Meanwhile Larry’s character always seems to stay grounded in some kind of reality, in that we identify somehow with his often seemingly crazy behaviour.

Tonight’s episode is sure to have upset someone. It really shouldn’t though. One of it’s strengths is that is shows how farcical and absurd  hate and prejudice can be, especially  of another religion or ethnicity. Larry’s loyalty is not to a prejudice his friends “expect” him to have, his loyalty is to his penis. An admirable, and unwavering loyalty for my mind.  It also seems that Larry has found a second calling after comedy, as a “social assassin”. I think it only right that he start reaping some rewards for his diligent work in pointing out the flaws and annoyances of those around.


  • “On the way we’ll pick up a new cock for you ok?”
  • Being turned on by someone who denies your right to exist.  If you had any doubts, that sex scene would have been sure to allay them.
  • LOL.
  • “You’re taking the chicken!?”
  • Sammy’s all grown up (in more ways than one…) – “Now get the fuck out of my driveway you bald prick”
  • A new form of “dirty” talk (incredibly hot, and well voiced by Anne Bedian) – “You occupying fuck!” “”I’m an occupier, I’m an occupier!”
  • “The penis doesn’t care about race, creed and colour. The penis wants to get to his homeland.” – Honestly, this is as poignant an argument against prejudice as I’ve ever heard.
  • Susie describing the way Jeff eats as only Susie can, “shoving your fat fucking face”.

What did you think?