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  1. Eskender Tamrat

    Nice review! Larry is, indeed, one of a kind, and its not fair to ask him to disguise for different reasons. First, that would mean we will not see the awkward Larry David anymore (guessing there is no signs for Season 9 of Curb) since he is peculiar, and you can’t find someone who is identical to his style in the business, although Woody Allen is his idol and everything. Second, as you mentioned, he is not in the age of chasing a new adventure or something.

    Come to the movie, it’s a fantastic one. From what you didn’t mentioned in your highlight, I’d like to add the following (Spoiler Alert)

    – The birthday email perspective. It’s not supposed to be a JOB!!!

    – I’d not go out with you when you were that fat remark

    – The recommendation of shampooing twice for the nanny, in contrary of saying nice thing about the boss’s kid

    – Putting silverware in the table rather than on top of a napkin

    – In addition to the tooth check, dating advice on how a smudge is only a mid-school thing.

    – The dilemma with almost all of the woman characters association to the Chicago band

    Thanks for the read!

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