Interview from Seinfeld days

Larry David is known for his dislike of interviews. Over the years he has done a few of them, and this is one of my favourites. Kenny Kramer, Larry’s inspiration for the Kramer character on Seinfeld has an interview on his website that Larry did for the Laugh Factory magazine around 1994 during the success of Seinfeld.

Larry is pretty funny, constantly cracking jokes. It’s interesting to see his attitude just as Seinfeld was taking off and he was for the first time enjoying a lot of success.

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  1. Randy Dandy

    Larry david is a gun. Shoot gun blast in your face. You can feel bad, and watching ten minutes of larry you relize how special life is and that his shit does stink. Curb is a wonderful production, we whatch them over and over. Love to have lunch with you Larry, but I can’t pay $4,000.00. I’f you happen to come to S.L.C., Utah, call us. You will like my bingo impression.

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